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Act 4, scene 2
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Act 4, scene 2



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The nautical tale of a wandering prince, Pericles is narrated by John Gower, a poet from the English past. Gower explains that…

Act 1, 1 chorus

Gower sets the stage for Pericles’ entrance at Antioch by telling of the incest between Antiochus and his daughter, whom…

Act 1, scene 1

Pericles risks his life to win the hand of Antiochus’s daughter, but, in meeting the challenge, he learns of the…

Act 1, scene 2

Back in his kingdom of Tyre, Pericles, fearing the power of Antiochus, sets sail once again.

Act 1, scene 3

Thaliard arrives in Tyre to find Pericles gone.

Act 1, scene 4

In Tarsus, King Cleon, Queen Dionyza, and the citizens of the country, dying of hunger, are saved by Pericles and…

Act 2, 2 chorus

Gower tells of Pericles’ departure from Tarsus and of the storm that destroys his ships and men and tosses him…

Act 2, scene 1

Fishermen in Pentapolis provide the shipwrecked Pericles with clothing and then pull his armor from the sea. They agree to…

Act 2, scene 2

At the court, Pericles and other knights present their shields to Princess Thaisa, and Pericles wins the tournament.

Act 2, scene 3

Simonides and Thaisa separately express their admiration for “the stranger knight.”

Act 2, scene 4

In Tyre, Helicanus recounts the awful deaths of Antiochus and his daughter. He then agrees to accept the crown twelve…

Act 2, scene 5

King Simonides, learning that Thaisa loves Pericles, pretends to be angry, but then reveals his pleasure at their mutual love.

Act 3, 3 chorus

Gower picks up the story on the night after Pericles and Thaisa’s wedding and carries it forward through Thaisa’s becoming…

Act 3, scene 1

In the storm, Thaisa dies in giving birth and her body is cast into the sea. To save the baby,…

Act 3, scene 2

The body of Thaisa washes ashore in Ephesus, where she is revived by a physician named Lord Cerimon.

Act 3, scene 3

Pericles leaves the infant, Marina, in the care of Cleon and Dionyza and sails for Tyre.

Act 3, scene 4

In Ephesus, Thaisa decides to become a votaress at the temple of Diana.

Act 4, 4 chorus

Gower carries the story forward fourteen years, focusing on the young Marina. Her beauty and talents arouse murderous hatred in…

Act 4, scene 1

Dionyza’s hired murderer, Leonine, is prevented from murdering Marina by pirates, who carry her away to their ship.

Act 4, scene 2

Marina is sold by the pirates to a brothel in Mytilene.

Act 4, scene 3

Dionyza, after Leonine has (falsely) reported Marina’s death, now justifies her actions to a horrified Cleon.

Act 4, scene 4

Gower tells of Pericles’ arrival in Tarsus, his learning of Marina’s death, and his vow of perpetual mourning.

Act 4, scene 5

In Mytilene, Marina preserves her virginity through eloquent pleas to her potential customers. We see the effect on two such…

Act 4, scene 6

Lysimachus, the governor of Mytilene, arrives at the brothel and is so moved (or shamed) by Marina’s eloquence that he…

Act 5, 5 chorus

Gower describes Marina’s success in Mytilene and tells of Pericles’ ship landing on Mytilene’s shores.

Act 5, scene 1

Lysimachus visits Pericles’ ship and sends for Marina, whose music he thinks will revive the grief-stricken king. When Marina tells…

Act 5, scene 2

Gower tells of the celebrations for Pericles in Mytilene and of the betrothal of Marina and Lysimachus.

Act 5, scene 3

At Diana’s temple in Ephesus, Thaisa recognizes Pericles as her husband and is reunited with him and with her daughter.

Act 5, epilogue

Gower reflects on the now-completed story and tells the fate of Cleon and Dionyza.

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Scene 2
Enter Pander, Bawd, and Bolt.

PANDER Search the market narrowly. Mytilene is full
 of gallants. We lost too much money this mart by
5 being too wenchless.
BAWD We were never so much out of creatures. We
 have but poor three, and they can do no more than
 they can do; and they with continual action are
 even as good as rotten.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre
ACT 4. SC. 2

PANDER 10Therefore let’s have fresh ones, whate’er we
 pay for them. If there be not a conscience to be
 used in every trade, we shall never prosper.
BAWD Thou sayst true. ’Tis not our bringing up of poor
 bastards—as I think I have brought up some
15 eleven—
BOLT Ay, to eleven, and brought them down again. But
 shall I search the market?
BAWD What else, man? The stuff we have, a strong
 wind will blow it to pieces, they are so pitifully
20 sodden.
PANDER Thou sayst true. There’s two unwholesome, a’
 conscience. The poor Transylvanian is dead that
 lay with the little baggage.
BOLT Ay, she quickly pooped him. She made him
25 roast-meat for worms. But I’ll go search the
 market.He exits.
PANDER Three or four thousand chequins were as
 pretty a proportion to live quietly, and so give over.
BAWD Why to give over, I pray you? Is it a shame to get
30 when we are old?
PANDER O, our credit comes not in like the commodity,
 nor the commodity wages not with the danger.
 Therefore, if in our youths we could pick up some
 pretty estate, ’twere not amiss to keep our door
35 hatched. Besides, the sore terms we stand upon
 with the gods will be strong with us for giving o’er.
BAWD Come, other sorts offend as well as we.
PANDER As well as we? Ay, and better too; we offend
 worse. Neither is our profession any trade; it’s no
40 calling. But here comes Bolt.

Enter Bolt with the Pirates and Marina.

BOLT Come your ways, my masters. You say she’s a
PIRATE O, sir, we doubt it not.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre
ACT 4. SC. 2

BOLT Master, I have gone through for this piece you
45 see. If you like her, so; if not, I have lost my
BAWD Bolt, has she any qualities?
BOLT She has a good face, speaks well, and has excellent
 good clothes. There’s no farther necessity of
50 qualities can make her be refused.
BAWD What’s her price, Bolt?
BOLT I cannot be bated one doit of a thousand pieces.
PANDER Well, follow me, my masters; you shall have
 your money presently.—Wife, take her in. Instruct
55 her what she has to do, that she may not be raw in
 her entertainment.He exits with Pirates.
BAWD Bolt, take you the marks of her: the color of her
 hair, complexion, height, her age, with warrant of
 her virginity, and cry “He that will give most shall
60 have her first.” Such a maidenhead were no cheap
 thing, if men were as they have been. Get this done
 as I command you.
BOLT Performance shall follow.He exits.
 Alack that Leonine was so slack, so slow!
65 He should have struck, not spoke. Or that these
 Not enough barbarous, had but o’erboard thrown me
 For to seek my mother.
BAWD Why lament you, pretty one?
MARINA 70That I am pretty.
BAWD Come, the gods have done their part in you.
MARINA I accuse them not.
BAWD You are light into my hands, where you are like
 to live.
MARINA 75The more my fault, to ’scape his hands where
 I was to die.
BAWD Ay, and you shall live in pleasure.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre
ACT 4. SC. 2

BAWD Yes, indeed shall you, and taste gentlemen of all
80 fashions. You shall fare well; you shall have the
 difference of all complexions. What, do you stop
 your ears?
MARINA Are you a woman?
BAWD What would you have me be, an I be not a
85 woman?
MARINA An honest woman, or not a woman.
BAWD Marry, whip the gosling! I think I shall have
 something to do with you. Come, you’re a young
 foolish sapling, and must be bowed as I would
90 have you.
MARINA The gods defend me!
BAWD If it please the gods to defend you by men, then
 men must comfort you, men must feed you, men
 stir you up. Bolt’s returned.

Enter Bolt.

95 Now, sir, hast thou cried her through the market?
BOLT I have cried her almost to the number of her
 hairs. I have drawn her picture with my voice.
BAWD And I prithee tell me, how dost thou find the inclination
 of the people, especially of the younger
100 sort?
BOLT Faith, they listened to me as they would have
 hearkened to their father’s testament. There was a
 Spaniard’s mouth watered an he went to bed to her
 very description.
BAWD 105We shall have him here tomorrow with his best
 ruff on.
BOLT Tonight, tonight! But, mistress, do you know the
 French knight that cowers i’ the hams?
BAWD Who? Monsieur Verolles?
BOLT 110Ay, he. He offered to cut a caper at the proclamation,
 but he made a groan at it and swore he would
 see her tomorrow.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre
ACT 4. SC. 2

BAWD Well, well, as for him, he brought his disease
 hither; here he does but repair it. I know he will
115 come in our shadow, to scatter his crowns in the
BOLT Well, if we had of every nation a traveler, we
 should lodge them with this sign.
BAWD, to Marina Pray you, come hither awhile. You
120 have fortunes coming upon you. Mark me: you
 must seem to do that fearfully which you commit
 willingly, despise profit where you have most gain.
 To weep that you live as you do makes pity in your
 lovers. Seldom but that pity begets you a good
125 opinion, and that opinion a mere profit.
MARINA I understand you not.
BOLT O, take her home, mistress, take her home!
 These blushes of hers must be quenched with
 some present practice.
BAWD 130Thou sayst true, i’ faith, so they must, for your
 bride goes to that with shame which is her way to
 go with warrant.
BOLT Faith, some do and some do not. But, mistress,
 if I have bargained for the joint—
BAWD 135Thou mayst cut a morsel off the spit.
BOLT I may so.
BAWD Who should deny it? Come, young one, I like
 the manner of your garments well.
BOLT Ay, by my faith, they shall not be changed yet.
BAWD 140Bolt, spend thou that in the town. (She gives him
Report what a sojourner we have. You’ll
 lose nothing by custom. When Nature framed this
 piece, she meant thee a good turn. Therefore say
 what a paragon she is, and thou hast the harvest
145 out of thine own report.
BOLT I warrant you, mistress, thunder shall not so
 awake the beds of eels as my giving out her beauty
 stirs up the lewdly inclined. I’ll bring home some

Pericles, Prince of Tyre
ACT 4. SC. 3

BAWD, to Marina 150Come your ways. Follow me.
 If fires be hot, knives sharp, or waters deep,
 Untied I still my virgin knot will keep.
 Diana aid my purpose!
BAWD What have we to do with Diana, pray you? Will
155 you go with us?
They exit.