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Act 3, scene 1
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Act 3, scene 1



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In Venice, at the start of Othello, the soldier Iago announces his hatred for his commander, Othello, a Moor. Othello has…

Act 1, scene 1

In the streets of Venice, Iago tells Roderigo of his hatred for Othello, who has given Cassio the lieutenancy that…

Act 1, scene 2

Iago warns Othello about Brabantio’s anger, but Othello is confident in his own strength and in his love for Desdemona….

Act 1, scene 3

The duke and the senators discuss the movements of the Turkish fleet and conclude that its target is, indeed, Cyprus….

Act 2, scene 1

The Turkish fleet is destroyed in a storm, while Cassio and then Desdemona, Emilia, and Iago arrive safely at Cyprus….

Act 2, scene 2

Othello proclaims a public celebration.

Act 2, scene 3

Iago gets Cassio drunk, making it easy for Roderigo to provoke Cassio into a brawl, first with Roderigo, then with…

Act 3, scene 1

Cassio arrives with musicians to honor Othello and Desdemona. As Iago has recommended, Cassio asks Emilia to arrange a meeting…

Act 3, scene 2

Othello prepares to tour Cyprus’s fortifications.

Act 3, scene 3

Desdemona’s interview with Cassio is cut short by the arrival of Othello. Cassio leaves hastily in order to avoid speaking…

Act 3, scene 4

Desdemona, still actively seeking to have Cassio reinstated, is worried about the loss of her handkerchief. Her anxiety about it…

Act 4, scene 1

Iago continues to torment Othello with vivid descriptions of Desdemona’s alleged sexual activity. Othello falls into an epileptic seizure. Iago…

Act 4, scene 2

Othello questions Emilia about Cassio and Desdemona’s relationship, acting as if Emilia is the mistress of a brothel and Desdemona…

Act 4, scene 3

Othello, walking with Lodovico, orders Desdemona to go to bed and to dismiss Emilia. As Emilia helps Desdemona prepare for…

Act 5, scene 1

In the dark streets of Cyprus, Roderigo attacks Cassio, who, uninjured, stabs Roderigo. Iago then wounds Cassio in the leg….

Act 5, scene 2

Desdemona is asleep in bed when Othello enters. He kisses her and wakes her and once again charges her with…

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Scene 1
Enter Cassio with Musicians.

 Masters, play here (I will content your pains)
 Something that’s brief; and bid “Good morrow,
 general.”They play.

Enter the Clown.

CLOWN Why masters, have your instruments been in
5 Naples, that they speak i’ th’ nose thus?
MUSICIAN How, sir, how?
CLOWN Are these, I pray you, wind instruments?
MUSICIAN Ay, marry, are they, sir.
CLOWN O, thereby hangs a tail.
MUSICIAN 10Whereby hangs a tale, sir?
CLOWN Marry, sir, by many a wind instrument that I
 know. But, masters, here’s money for you; and the
 General so likes your music that he desires you, for
 love’s sake, to make no more noise with it.
MUSICIAN 15Well, sir, we will not.
CLOWN If you have any music that may not be heard, to
 ’t again. But, as they say, to hear music the General
 does not greatly care.
MUSICIAN We have none such, sir.
CLOWN 20Then put up your pipes in your bag, for I’ll
 away. Go, vanish into air, away!

ACT 3. SC. 1

Musicians exit.
CASSIO Dost thou hear, mine honest friend?
CLOWN No, I hear not your honest friend. I hear you.
CASSIO Prithee, keep up thy quillets.Giving money.
25 There’s a poor piece of gold for thee. If the gentlewoman
 that attends the General’s wife be stirring,
 tell her there’s one Cassio entreats her a little favor
 of speech. Wilt thou do this?
CLOWN She is stirring, sir. If she will stir hither, I shall
30 seem to notify unto her.
 Do, good my friend.Clown exits.

Enter Iago.

 In happy time, Iago.
IAGO You have not been abed, then?
CASSIO Why, no. The day had broke
35 Before we parted. I have made bold, Iago,
 To send in to your wife. My suit to her
 Is that she will to virtuous Desdemona
 Procure me some access.
IAGO I’ll send her to you presently,
40 And I’ll devise a mean to draw the Moor
 Out of the way, that your converse and business
 May be more free.
 I humbly thank you for ’t. Iago exits. I never
45 A Florentine more kind and honest.

Enter Emilia.

 Good morrow, good lieutenant. I am sorry
 For your displeasure, but all will sure be well.
 The General and his wife are talking of it,
 And she speaks for you stoutly. The Moor replies

ACT 3. SC. 2

50 That he you hurt is of great fame in Cyprus
 And great affinity, and that in wholesome wisdom
 He might not but refuse you. But he protests he
 loves you
 And needs no other suitor but his likings
55 To take the safest occasion by the front
 To bring you in again.
CASSIO  Yet I beseech you,
 If you think fit, or that it may be done,
 Give me advantage of some brief discourse
60 With Desdemon alone.
EMILIA  Pray you come in.
 I will bestow you where you shall have time
 To speak your bosom freely.
[CASSIO  I am much bound to you.]
They exit.