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Act 5, scene 3
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Much Ado About Nothing
Act 5, scene 3



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Entire Play

The primary plot of Much Ado About Nothing turns on the courtship and scandal involving young Hero and her suitor, Claudio, but…

Act 1, scene 1

The army of Don Pedro of Aragon arrives in Messina and is welcomed by Leonato, Messina’s governor. Benedick of Padua,…

Act 1, scene 2

Leonato is given a garbled account of the conversation between Don Pedro and Claudio, and is led to believe that…

Act 1, scene 3

Don John, Don Pedro’s brother, receives a true account of Don Pedro’s plan to woo Hero for Claudio. Resentful of…

Act 2, scene 1

Don Pedro and his soldiers, disguised in masks, dance with the ladies of Leonato’s household. While Don Pedro woos Hero,…

Act 2, scene 2

Don John and his henchman Borachio agree on a plan to disrupt the coming marriage: Borachio will convince Claudio that…

Act 2, scene 3

Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro stage a conversation for Benedick to overhear. They talk about Beatrice’s desperate love for Benedick,…

Act 3, scene 1

Beatrice is lured into overhearing a staged conversation between Hero and Ursula, a waiting gentlewoman, who talk about Benedick’s desperate…

Act 3, scene 2

Benedick appears with his beard shaved off and showing other signs of having fallen in love. When he exits with…

Act 3, scene 3

That night, Messina’s master constable, Dogberry, and his assistant, Verges, set the night watch, telling the watchmen to pay particular…

Act 3, scene 4

Early the next morning, Hero prepares for the wedding. Beatrice enters, suffering, she says, from a bad cold, but Hero…

Act 3, scene 5

Dogberry and Verges try to tell Leonato about the arrest of Borachio and Conrade, but they are so unintelligible that…

Act 4, scene 1

At the wedding, Claudio publicly denounces Hero as a lewd woman. He is supported in his story by Don Pedro…

Act 4, scene 2

Dogberry ineptly questions Borachio and Conrade about the deception of Claudio and Don Pedro. The Sexton has Borachio and Conrade…

Act 5, scene 1

Leonato and his brother tell Claudio and Don Pedro of Hero’s death, and attempt to challenge them to a duel….

Act 5, scene 2

Benedick tells Beatrice that he has challenged Claudio. They are summoned to Leonato’s house with the news that Hero’s innocence…

Act 5, scene 3

Claudio appears at Leonato’s family tomb, has a song sung for Hero, and hangs a scroll on the tomb.

Act 5, scene 4

Claudio and Don Pedro appear for the second wedding. The women enter masked. When Claudio takes the hand of Leonato’s…

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Scene 3
Enter Claudio, Prince, and three or four Lords with
tapers, and Musicians.

CLAUDIO Is this the monument of Leonato?
FIRST LORD It is, my lord.

Much Ado About Nothing
ACT 5. SC. 3

CLAUDIO, reading an Epitaph. 

 Done to death by slanderous tongues
  Was the Hero that here lies.
5 Death, in guerdon of her wrongs,
  Gives her fame which never dies.
 So the life that died with shame
 Lives in death with glorious fame.

He hangs up the scroll.
 Hang thou there upon the tomb,
10 Praising her when I am dumb.
 Now music, sound, and sing your solemn hymn.

 Pardon, goddess of the night,
 Those that slew thy virgin knight,
 For the which with songs of woe,
15 Round about her tomb they go.
  Midnight, assist our moan.
  Help us to sigh and groan
  Heavily, heavily.
  Graves, yawn and yield your dead,
20  Till death be utterèd,
  Heavily, heavily.

 Now, unto thy bones, goodnight.
 Yearly will I do this rite.
 Good morrow, masters. Put your torches out.
25 The wolves have preyed, and look, the gentle day
 Before the wheels of Phoebus, round about
 Dapples the drowsy east with spots of gray.
 Thanks to you all, and leave us. Fare you well.
 Good morrow, masters. Each his several way.
Lords and Musicians exit.

Much Ado About Nothing
ACT 5. SC. 4

30 Come, let us hence, and put on other weeds,
 And then to Leonato’s we will go.
 And Hymen now with luckier issue speed ’s,
 Than this for whom we rendered up this woe.
They exit.