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Act 5, scene 5
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King John
Act 5, scene 5



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The events in King John take place in the thirteenth century, well before Shakespeare’s other English history plays. After the death of…

Act 1, scene 1

John, King of England, is told by a messenger from the King of France that the territories held by John…

Act 2, scene 1

King Philip of France and the Duke of Austria, on behalf of Arthur, begin to lay siege to the city…

Act 3, scene 1

The league between John and Philip is attacked first by Constance, who accuses Philip of treacherously betraying Arthur’s cause, and…

Act 3, scene 2

The Bastard, having killed the Duke of Austria, reports that he has rescued Queen Eleanor. Arthur, captured by John, is…

Act 3, scene 3

John prepares to leave for England with his forces. He tells Hubert that Arthur must die. Hubert promises to kill…

Act 3, scene 4

John’s victories and his capture of Arthur lead the French to despair and Constance to wild grief. Pandulph, predicting Arthur’s…

Act 4, scene 1

Hubert prepares to put out Arthur’s eyes with hot irons. Arthur begs him to show mercy. Hubert plans to tell…

Act 4, scene 2

The nobles express their disapproval of John’s second coronation and urge that he set Arthur free. When Hubert brings word…

Act 4, scene 3

Arthur dies as he attempts to leap from the prison wall. The Bastard reaches the nobles, on their way to…

Act 5, scene 1

King John submits his royal power to the Pope in exchange for Pandulph’s intercession against the French forces. The Bastard…

Act 5, scene 2

The rebellious English nobles swear to support the Dauphin in his attack on England. Pandulph tells the Dauphin to take…

Act 5, scene 3

King John, sick with a fever, is instructed by the Bastard to leave the battle. John receives the good news…

Act 5, scene 4

While the English army continues to fight successfully under the Bastard, the rebel English nobles learn from the wounded French…

Act 5, scene 5

The Dauphin rejoices that his forces have almost defeated the English. He then learns that Count Melun has died, that…

Act 5, scene 6

Hubert brings news to the Bastard that King John has been poisoned by a monk, and that, at the urging…

Act 5, scene 7

As King John lies dying, surrounded by his newly loyal nobles and his son, Prince Henry, the Bastard brings him…

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Scene 5
Enter Louis, the Dauphin and his train.

 The sun of heaven, methought, was loath to set,
 But stayed and made the western welkin blush,
 When English measured backward their own
5 In faint retire. O, bravely came we off,
 When with a volley of our needless shot,
 After such bloody toil, we bid good night
 And wound our tott’ring colors clearly up,
 Last in the field and almost lords of it.

Enter a Messenger.

10 Where is my prince, the Dauphin?
DAUPHIN  Here. What news?
 The Count Melun is slain. The English lords,
 By his persuasion, are again fall’n off,
 And your supply, which you have wished so long,
15 Are cast away and sunk on Goodwin Sands.
 Ah, foul, shrewd news. Beshrew thy very heart!
 I did not think to be so sad tonight
 As this hath made me. Who was he that said
 King John did fly an hour or two before
20 The stumbling night did part our weary powers?
 Whoever spoke it, it is true, my lord.

King John
ACT 5. SC. 6

 Well, keep good quarter and good care tonight.
 The day shall not be up so soon as I
 To try the fair adventure of tomorrow.
They exit.