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Act 4, scene 3
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Henry VI, Part 3
Act 4, scene 3



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The English crown changes hands often in Henry VI, Part 3. At first, Richard, Duke of York, is allied with Warwick….

Act 1, scene 1

Richard, Duke of York, aided by the Earl of Warwick, occupies King Henry VI’s throne. Faced with Warwick’s soldiers, Henry…

Act 1, scene 2

York is persuaded by his sons Edward and Richard to break his oath to Henry and fight for the crown….

Act 1, scene 3

Rutland, youngest son of York, is killed by Lord Clifford as revenge against York, who killed Clifford’s father.

Act 1, scene 4

At the battle of Wakefield, York is captured by the victorious Queen Margaret, Prince Edward, Lord Clifford, and the Earl…

Act 2, scene 1

Edward and Richard receive the news of their father’s death. Warwick then brings news of the Yorkist defeat at St….

Act 2, scene 2

Warwick and the Yorkists confront King Henry, Margaret, the newly knighted Prince Edward, and the other Lancastrians. Both the Lancastrian…

Act 2, scene 3

Warwick retires from the battle and meets Edward, Richard, and George. They all fear defeat, but take their farewells and…

Act 2, scene 4

Richard and Clifford fight. When Warwick enters, Clifford flees. Richard prepares to search for Clifford in order to fight to…

Act 2, scene 5

As the battle of Towton proceeds, King Henry contemplates his unhappy life as king and then observes as a young…

Act 2, scene 6

Lord Clifford enters wounded to the death. Warwick, Edward, Richard, and George find Clifford’s body and taunt him. They prepare…

Act 3, scene 1

King Henry is captured by two gamekeepers, who now owe allegiance to King Edward.

Act 3, scene 2

King Edward, while hearing Lady Grey’s petition for her dead husband’s land, decides he wants her for his mistress; she…

Act 3, scene 3

As Queen Margaret persuades the French king Lewis to support her and Prince Edward, Warwick arrives with the offer of…

Act 4, scene 1

King Edward learns of Warwick’s defection and orders that troops be levied in preparation for war. Clarence decides to join…

Act 4, scene 2

Warwick and Clarence prepare to surprise King Edward, who awaits the French troops in a lightly guarded camp.

Act 4, scene 3

Warwick, Clarence, and their troops capture King Edward, remove his crown, and send him captive to the Archbishop of York….

Act 4, scene 4

King Edward’s wife, Queen Elizabeth, hearing of Edward’s capture, fears for her life and that of her unborn child. She…

Act 4, scene 5

Richard rescues King Edward from his captivity. They prepare to sail to Flanders.

Act 4, scene 6

Warwick rescues King Henry from imprisonment in the Tower of London. Henry turns over the government to Warwick and Clarence.

Act 4, scene 7

Edward, having returned from Flanders with a supporting army, enters the city of York, claiming that he wants only his…

Act 4, scene 8

King Henry, left at the Bishop’s Palace in London while Warwick and other Lancastrian leaders search for additional troops, is…

Act 5, scene 1

At Coventry, Warwick awaits the arrival of Clarence. Other forces arrive in Warwick’s support. King Edward then arrives, and is…

Act 5, scene 2

At the battle of Barnet, King Edward brings in a wounded Warwick and leaves him to his death. Lancastrian lords…

Act 5, scene 3

King Edward, Richard, and Clarence are triumphant after the battle of Barnet, but they know they must now meet Queen…

Act 5, scene 4

Queen Margaret rallies her forces despite Henry’s capture and Warwick’s death. King Edward and his forces enter. The battle of…

Act 5, scene 5

Queen Margaret and other Lancastrian leaders are brought in as captives. King Edward sends out orders to find Prince Edward….

Act 5, scene 6

Richard kills King Henry in the Tower, and then begins to plot his own way to the crown, now that…

Act 5, scene 7

King Edward celebrates the Yorkist triumph by having Richard and Clarence kiss his infant son. Richard, while outwardly loving the…

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Scene 3
Enter three Watchmen to guard King Edward’s tent,
all wearing the white rose.

 Come on, my masters, each man take his stand.
 The King by this is set him down to sleep.
SECOND WATCH What, will he not to bed?
 Why, no, for he hath made a solemn vow
5 Never to lie and take his natural rest
 Till Warwick or himself be quite suppressed.
 Tomorrow, then, belike shall be the day,
 If Warwick be so near as men report.
 But say, I pray, what nobleman is that
10 That with the King here resteth in his tent?

Henry VI, Part 3
ACT 4. SC. 3

 ’Tis the Lord Hastings, the King’s chiefest friend.
 O, is it so? But why commands the King
 That his chief followers lodge in towns about him,
 While he himself keeps in the cold field?
15 ’Tis the more honor, because more dangerous.
 Ay, but give me worship and quietness;
 I like it better than a dangerous honor.
 If Warwick knew in what estate he stands,
 ’Tis to be doubted he would waken him.
20 Unless our halberds did shut up his passage.
 Ay, wherefore else guard we his royal tent
 But to defend his person from night foes?

Enter Warwick, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset, all wearing
the red rose, and French Soldiers, silent all.

 This is his tent, and see where stand his guard.
 Courage, my masters. Honor, now or never!
25 But follow me, and Edward shall be ours.
FIRST WATCH Who goes there?
SECOND WATCH Stay, or thou diest!
Warwick and the rest cry all “Warwick, Warwick!”
and set upon the guard, who fly, crying “Arm, Arm!”
Warwick and the rest following them.

The drum playing and trumpet sounding,
enter Warwick, Somerset, and the rest, bringing
King Edward out in his gown, sitting in a chair.

Richard and Hastings flies over the stage.

Henry VI, Part 3
ACT 4. SC. 3

 What are they that fly there?
WARWICK  Richard and Hastings.
30 Let them go. Here is the Duke.
 Why, Warwick, when we parted, thou call’dst me king.
WARWICK Ay, but the case is altered.
 When you disgraced me in my embassade,
35 Then I degraded you from being king
 And come now to create you Duke of York.
 Alas, how should you govern any kingdom
 That know not how to use ambassadors,
 Nor how to be contented with one wife,
40 Nor how to use your brothers brotherly,
 Nor how to study for the people’s welfare,
 Nor how to shroud yourself from enemies?
 Yea, brother of Clarence, art thou here too?
 Nay, then, I see that Edward needs must down.
45 Yet, Warwick, in despite of all mischance,
 Of thee thyself and all thy complices,
 Edward will always bear himself as king.
 Though Fortune’s malice overthrow my state,
 My mind exceeds the compass of her wheel.
50 Then for his mind be Edward England’s king,
Takes off his crown.
 But Henry now shall wear the English crown
 And be true king indeed, thou but the shadow.—
 My lord of Somerset, at my request,
 See that forthwith Duke Edward be conveyed
55 Unto my brother, Archbishop of York.
 When I have fought with Pembroke and his fellows,
 I’ll follow you and tell what answer
 Lewis and the Lady Bona send to him.—
 Now for awhile farewell, good Duke of York.

Henry VI, Part 3
ACT 4. SC. 4

They begin to lead him out forcibly.
60 What Fates impose, that men must needs abide;
 It boots not to resist both wind and tide.
Somerset and Soldiers exit, guarding King Edward.
 What now remains, my lords, for us to do
 But march to London with our soldiers?
 Ay, that’s the first thing that we have to do,
65 To free King Henry from imprisonment
 And see him seated in the regal throne.
They exit.