List iconHenry IV, Part 2:
Act 5, scene 4
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Henry IV, Part 2
Act 5, scene 4



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Henry IV, Part 2, continues the story of Henry IV, Part I. Northumberland learns that his son Hotspur is dead, and…


Following the battle of Shrewsbury (where King Henry and Prince Hal were victorious and Hotspur killed), Rumor spreads the false…

Act 1, scene 1

Northumberland, who had pleaded illness as an excuse for not appearing at the battle of Shrewsbury, learns that his son,…

Act 1, scene 2

Sir John Falstaff is confronted by the Lord Chief Justice. Since Falstaff has come away from Shrewsbury with the reputation…

Act 1, scene 3

At York, the Archbishop discusses with Mowbray, Hastings, and Lord Bardolph whether they can defeat the king’s forces if their…

Act 2, scene 1

Sir John is arrested for the debt he owes Mistress Quickly. He persuades her to drop the charges and to…

Act 2, scene 2

Learning that Falstaff will be dining that night in Eastcheap, Prince Hal and Poins decide to disguise themselves as waiters…

Act 2, scene 3

Northumberland is persuaded by his daughter-in-law, Hotspur’s widow, to abandon the other rebels.

Act 2, scene 4

At Mistress Quickly’s inn in Eastcheap, a fight erupts after Falstaff ’s ensign, Pistol, insults Doll Tearsheet. The disguised Prince Hal…

Act 3, scene 1

An ill and anxious King Henry IV consults with Warwick.

Act 3, scene 2

On his journey through Gloucestershire, Falstaff selects recruits for the army and decides that, on his return, he will fleece…

Act 4, scene 1

The leaders of the rebellion reach Gaultree Forest, where they present their grievances to Westmoreland. After Prince John promises redress…

Act 4, scene 2

Falstaff meets a rebel knight, who surrenders to him. When Prince John reproaches Falstaff for his late arrival, Falstaff turns…

Act 4, scene 3

Just after receiving the good news about the defeat of all the rebel forces, Henry IV falls into a swoon….

Act 5, scene 1

Falstaff observes Shallow and his servants in order to be ready to entertain Prince Hal with amusing stories.

Act 5, scene 2

Prince Hal reassures an anxious Lord Chief Justice.

Act 5, scene 3

On the news of Henry IV’s death, Falstaff and Shallow set off joyfully for London.

Act 5, scene 4

Doll Tearsheet is arrested.

Act 5, scene 5

The newly crowned King Henry V keeps his word to the Lord Chief Justice.


The speaker apologizes for the play and promises another play with Falstaff in it.

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Scene 4
Enter Hostess Quickly, Doll Tearsheet, and Beadles.

HOSTESS No, thou arrant knave. I would to God that I
 might die, that I might have thee hanged. Thou hast
 drawn my shoulder out of joint.
BEADLE The Constables have delivered her over to me,
5 and she shall have whipping cheer enough, I
 warrant her. There hath been a man or two lately
 killed about her.
DOLL Nut-hook, nut-hook, you lie! Come on, I’ll tell
 thee what, thou damned tripe-visaged rascal: an the
10 child I now go with do miscarry, thou wert better
 thou hadst struck thy mother, thou paper-faced
HOSTESS O the Lord, that Sir John were come! I would
 make this a bloody day to somebody. But I pray God
15 the fruit of her womb might miscarry.
BEADLE If it do, you shall have a dozen of cushions
 again; you have but eleven now. Come, I charge you
 both go with me, for the man is dead that you and
 Pistol beat amongst you.
DOLL 20I’ll tell you what, you thin man in a censer, I will
 have you as soundly swinged for this, you bluebottle
 rogue, you filthy famished correctioner. If you be
 not swinged, I’ll forswear half-kirtles.
BEADLE Come, come, you she-knight-errant, come.
HOSTESS 25O God, that right should thus overcome
 might! Well, of sufferance comes ease.
DOLL Come, you rogue, come, bring me to a justice.
HOSTESS Ay, come, you starved bloodhound.
DOLL Goodman Death, Goodman Bones!
HOSTESS 30Thou atomy, thou!
DOLL Come, you thin thing, come, you rascal.
BEADLE Very well.
They exit.